Words of a bird

Odds of the Ends

Nadja's Book of recipies
Not magical as such, but it does hold a 'recipe' for excorsizing a demon.

Endless Jug

1 Acid

2 Poison

3 Mayo

4 Beer

5 Honey

6 Oil

8 8G Fresh Water

9 12G Salt Water

10 1G Red Wine

Gloves of Missile Snaring
If one hand is free, reduce damage by 1d10+ dex modifier. If this reduces damage to 0, you've caught the missile, provided it's small enough to catch.

You must try and catch the missile, if your hands are free.

Dagger +1

This was probably the most expensive of all the items on your shopping spree. The blade of the dagger is made of the black metal of Morot, which grants its magical abilities.

Bread and Butter recipies
You're not quite sure why this book is magical. Looking through it, it seems to just be a recipe book, mostly for various kinds of bread and herb butters. But it's unclear to you why the book itself has a faint magical glow.


This one is powerful, that much you get. But you have no clue what it does. Maybe runes sown into the lining everywhere keeps you from knowing? (See rune above).

Boots of False Tracks
Only wearable by humanoids. The wearer can choose to leave tracks of another humanoid kind

3 Potions of Climbing
Climbing speed equals walking speed for 1 hour. During this time you gain advantage on strength (athletics) checks you make to climb.